Saturday, September 20, 2003

funny day.

out of bed; morning is here so soon. funny day. have a kinda scary feeling inside; as if a war is gonna start soon and i am gonna be caught in the middle of it. life is a war anyway... they say so... i don't like to belive...

today is my baby sisters b'day... i must act normal and try to be ... normal... am i not always ?

yesterday was big bum; followed a subject and blew the cover.. stupid ppl i think thats wots bugg'n me

but i think on top of that there is more; maybe it was the call i made last night... the tone of the voice on the other end; was not really what i was expacting to hear... but i should not let that stuff spoil my day and the days to come; should i?

maybe i'd do some coding today; need to port that c/php codes to c# is that ever can be done....