Thursday, March 17, 2005

Nothing beats Linux

I've had my share of windows experience the last month or so. Desktops and servers. I don't need to run a few more months to tell you it sucks big time!. The exchange server is nice; with the active dir services and all. Ah! Only till anything goes wrong! Then its a hell. Unexplained stuff happens; out of the blues things go wrong! And there is no reasonable explanation to these. Except "it's M$ Windows". The time taken to trouble shoot the issue is more then doing a fresh installation and restoring the backups. When a service goes down; it's so hard and difficult to exactly tell you why and how it went down. So many issues that I do not understand. Maybe it's just me; or my attitude towards Windows. I still think Linux kicks ass and far better then most OS's out there. And here I am totally on it and still happy to be. Just try and make me convert to windows. No freaking way! I'd still get back /home/


primary0 said...

Doh, I agree and disagree. As our fellow MCPs and MCSEs (aka paperboys) would say, did you check the System Log? What was in the Event Log? And they will know jack shit about touch grep finger unzip fsck more. My dear chops. You have peed on Linux. Thou shalt stay in thy territory!

Gaanagaa said...

Guess what p0, These MCSE and MCPs do have a challenge. For instance, If ever tried to download something from M$....its like digging for diamonds. Google and Yahoo can do this in a sec.

About these logs. the best place to search for is
these guys will save your time if youre trying to "shoot a trouble".
BUT... again the challenge is to classify these event IDs. There can be a variety of issues under a same ID.

And for the mighty linux.
The best place for me is Google Groups.

Anonymous said...

dudes. Everyday I look, Linux looks more and more like Windows' ugly kid sister. And, Windows has yet to overcome its single user origins (and find a way to make RPC work without me looking behind my back for intruders every 5 minutes). Linux also has enough problems, from its 60s origins (line editors and teletype anyone?), to how it is built from quick and dirty hacks to add new functionality to it as soon as there is a demand for it, although, to be fair, they have sometimes hit on some elegant solutions.

Try something else: neither OS is the answer to every user's problems.