Friday, April 01, 2005

Back home from home

i just got back from ori land (sri lanka) after spending about 4 days; a quick medical checkup. ah except for the blackout i had while bleeding for blood test, everything else looked and was cool. Best part was i had a good time with my family and my son. He will be with me very soon; and i am so happy that we will be reunited again! yoooohaaa! weeepy!


Kidrow said...

ann ha The Blackout..heheh... and how Was The Trip ? and way its nice to see u back :)

Kelly said...

If you have a moment to spare, I'd appreciate you telling me about your experience with the tsunami. I'm happy for your health, and hope to hear from you soon.

shabz said...

Good to hear that u are feeling much better now. I couldn't help but notice that you are being a littl bit racist towards Srilanka. U call their country Oriland. I don't think that fair.