Sunday, February 12, 2006


I was sleeping in my dreams, just as it was in reality. The same place and same old things. Not to talk about the same old people. A voice boomed, and from my dreams I woke up to another dream. Only this more real. Now this is the road that I want to walk on, for the rest of my life. Enlightened and happy. I don't no longer want to be a cocoon but I am one. Waiting for the butterfly?

When will I see you again? I want to go back to my sleep. I want to hear the same old song be played over and over again. Now where did it all end up to? I have no idea. I only know I like it, and this is me. This is it, its done and decided. Blame it on me, I will take the blame. Its my fault. Sorry, I really am.

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