Saturday, April 07, 2007

300 USD and a ticket.

I was watching TVM while having dinner. I don't know which program it is, it was on since 10:15 tonight. It was a panel of people talking about health issues in Maldives. To my shock, one gentle man who had gray hair (not sure who he is), my guess is he is from the ministry of health. This guy was trying to say, the Maldivian health authorities are far better then our neighbors. He is saying that others are very commercial where else we are not? daaa! yeah? I did not know that.

The next point that kept bluffing about is comparing health services today and 27 years ago. What the fuck? What is the point here? it is obvious , things should improve with time. The question here is has it improved to the level it should have? The moment we are sick, we spend all our earnings and go to India or Singapore depending on the financial capabilities of the individuals. And yet they try to tell us, its good. I know the guys there try and do their best, but there is so much for improvements. I guess the equipment is one weak area. If we can raise money for brand new Volkswagen's for police, layout state of the art fiber network just to watch the traffic and etc. Why can't we afford to spend more money on our health services? Even if they took it like a business, still I feel its more then feasible to spend (invest). Even if we get the best of the doctors, its not enough. We need to invest on our health sector and make it a priority then it is now. Not in anyway saying its bad, but I am saying its not as good as it could have been.

Maybe there is hidden agenda behind it, right now if a poor guy is sick they can apply for 300 USD and the ticket from the Presidential welfare fund? This is very common, why? The end result is good, the government help us, they even give us the money to send us to India for medicals. Yaahoo! lets keep voting for them. Now I leave it up to you to do the calculations.


Rameses IV said...

dude i know the smell of that road, its called politics not a very nice road. yet you are true!!

maldiveshealth said...

Health reform will come in when there is a way to claim compensation for the misdoings from health delivery.

MurasakiOnAcid said...

errrrm so if they improve the health services here and there is no longer a need to beg for the 300 usd and if we are ever in a position of getting the service from here ... who do we vote for then?
Are you suggesting they scrap giving those government help to send them abroad for service, whilst also not improving so we can have one more reason to add to the list of anti-government slogans?
whats your point...? how can the fact that a country needs to send their sick abroad to seek medical service be something that makes the government look good in the first place? CONFUSED here.