Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wii want to play!

Its almost 22 years after (1985) I had my very first Nintendo game console. It was a Nintendo NES, I loved the games Super Mario and contra. They were my favorites back then. Geee! and today; again I've got down another Nintendo, the difference is last Nintendo I had was given to me by my dad, this I got it for my son.

When I heard about the new Nintendo Wii, I got really excited from the day one. Unlike most I am not a very big fan of Play Stations. Most would say and did say, why not a PS3? Well I think a Wii is much better; thats my view. Its more creative and innovative; the games are much exciting and its value for money. Sure PS3 may have better graphics and superior hardware; but come on, I personally don't care much about Blu-Ray so Why should I spend THREE TIMES AS MUCH on the PS3?. I want something completely different and fun to play. Sure Sony has implemented the idea of the new Nintendo controller but I guess the experience we have with Wii can't just be copied. But thats yet to be seen for me. I might give it a try too. Its been really long since I've tried console games; but I guess as time allows I'd give it another shot (damn! I was never good with games).

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vincinity of obscenity said...

i think the wii is ok... but i wudnt buy it coz no good titles are on the wii. mgs4, ff 13, but me personally ... im leaning on the xbox360. more titles, and CHEAPER.