Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A for Apple (part 2)

The very first Apple's logo.

Now don't get me wrong, this whole process of trying to get things going and keeping myself busy I have come to a funny point. A point where I am visualizing myself to really take a break, its not being overloaded or that I am not happy. Its about just simply taking a break. So I made a list of things I can do

1. Music, maybe try and learn how to play piano
2. Cooking; yeah I love that, but been long since I've really cooked anything
3. Meditation , never ever tried this but so many of my friends have suggested I should try.
4. Dancing - Wow now i would really like to imagine me doing that. Jeez!
5. Art - Paint a wall or something; well anyone can do it ey?
6. Travel ; I have been planning that for long.
7. Reading , guess i do that often even now, but no books. I need to start with a book and finish it.
8. Redoing this blog. hmmm, maybe not
9. Volunteering; for what? maybe I'd think more on it.

I am not sure if any of the above is possible, but making a list is no harm.


Siku said...

couple of days back ive made a list of things i wanna do before i die!!! you're right making a list wont do any harm ... i like the apples first logo.. looks like a label from an old tomato catchup bottle

shaff said...

dude you need to learn kungfu in this troubled country :P

Siku said...

kungfu is good.. chopey you should include tat to your list... i'll include something like sumo wrestling for the the sake for surviving here... after all i'll have to fight like 10 or 20 guys alone.. so sumo sounds good!

Ahmed said...

chopey, let me recommend a book: freakonomics by a guy called steven lewitt.. it's got some sumo-wrestling in it too.. a very good book