Saturday, May 03, 2008

Amazing Muslims

Firstly this does not apply to all Muslims, however the growing number of this group amazes me. I am not a religious person and I have to confess to that but I guess I can always comment on what I see and hear.

The story goes like this; One fine morning a guy wakes up and finds himself enlightened by the light of God; and he follows his brothers in Islam and grows his beard. Then his dress code changes to some Pakistani "Kuruthaa" kind of style, when asked why his answer is simple and straightforward. "Mohamed (PBOH) use to dress this way"; for me that becomes news and information, and I question my Islam teachers from School, cos all these years I was told that Mohamed (PBOH) was born and raised in Arabia NOT Pakistan; as far as I know the Arab dress code was not some odd "Kuruthaa". Anyway that's not a major issue; I can't comment on peoples fashion plus they have the freedom to choose the dress codes. However the whole thing gives /creates some interesting questions for me.

Then he moves on to the next stage; disconnects from his friends and chooses to be with his brothers in Islam and considers the rest of the people "Musriks". Amazing again. Slowly he learns the real meaning of life and decides to go on Gods way. Now this is the most amazing part, whats the choice; "To go JIHAAD in the name of God", simply what this means is to go kill in the name of God. I don't know from where or who creates these ideas. When there is so much suffering in the world; instead of going and helping the poor and sick; this guy chooses to go "kill in the name of god". That was his first choice; he leaves the helping part to his fellow Christian enemies (let them make the red cross, etc and go help the poor and the suffering; why should he do that. He is a worrier; his destiny is to go kill and be killed?). Amazing I say. I am sure the poor guy is missing a lot of chapters. His religion started and ended in only the "Badr" war. Maybe he did not look before that event or after.

I simply do not believe religion should be chosen due to the "fear factor" for god. Rather it should be the other way around. You can flood me with thousands of Arabic verses against my theory; but I'd stick to what I feel is logical.


muiz said...

The particular problem you have highlighted int he post is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Some Maldivians (specially the youth) tend to go down that road, simply because they do not get to learn Islamic teachings in a proper manner. Some of them learn religion from some internet websites, others go to Pakistan and come back after relatively few months and act like learned scholars! Little knowledge is simply dangerous. These people are, as you have pointed out rightly, very intolerant. Some of them declare others as kafirs, as you have mentioned. All these itself shows they have not learned the religion properly. If these yougn people loves their religion they should be learning the religion in the proper manner, from proper sources.
Some actions by the Muslims play a worse role compared to that of non-Muslims in defaming Islam.
(I have tried to express my viewpoint in this post:, and touched upon the issue of tolerance in the last post as well).

ŜėńśĮBı£™ ĝÚỳ© said...

Among MUslims There are Good people and bad people and you are pointing the bad part of non good muslims. Well thats what the people who hate ISlam Religion does. THEy will never tell any good thing that the muslims do.

And same goes to the non-muslims, There are good and bad non-muslims but muslims have never told (i dont remember) that they are bad or havent told any bad stories about them. I am sure of it. Because talking about proples bad parts in a place where that bad person is not, It is HARAM in our religion.

chopey said...

the post started with "Firstly this does not apply to all Muslims". :)

ŜėńśĮBı£™ ĝÚỳ© said...

Well I know that!!! I know thaTa all Muslims are not Bad.

zaza said...

jihad does not mean fight in the name of God or holy war. the word is always misquoted. jihad means to strive or struggle, for any cause.

Ontological Jackal said...

Slow down fuckwits. Any dolt who's been reading the Quran w/translation and thafseer knows that Quran repeatedly calls for taking up arms as a form of Jihad. What will you be doing next? Tell me that its been misquoted/misinterpreted?

And for the apologetic Muslim/liberal lot, lets get one thing clear: you cannot treat some parts of the Quran as if it didn't happen, nor treat some commandments literally while others have been white-washed in spite of being backed by Su'nnah and Thafseer. The shit is what it is; the book that inspired everything from 9/11, to Munich '72, to mutilating men and glorifying misandry (off the top of my head, this list).

Yaamyn said...

I can't tell you how absolutely grateful I am, Ontological jackal!

This is exactly the kind of demented, narrow minded, myopic post I was looking for!

I wonder if you're one of the 'dolts who's been reading the Qur'an and Tafseer'? Cuz I probably am one of those 'dolts' you're referring to. :p

You're free to blame all the world's problems, carefully labeled with the calendar dates, on the Qur'an and the so called Jehad.

I won't treat some parts of the Qur'an as if they didn't exist. I've read the book and also the associated references. Sure there are swords, there's war.

Back in the Prophet's times, the Arabs didn't go to war with water pistols and a Nintendo Wii-mote. There were swords and killing too. (Yes! Stab! Blood!) :) That's why it's called 'war'. Capisce? The violence is inherent in it.

Back then, when you tell the story of a war, you didn't whitewash it with niceties. So no 'collateral damage', no 'boundary population readjustments', no 'embedded journalists' and no 'innocent victims' back then. Just gory deaths.

Now, I could try explain how Islam maintains its humane-ness even in those bloody times. But I won't go there yet.

Instead I'll take the Old Testament, or even the Mahabharat. Please read either text (Oh! I have, me being a dolt who does such things.:p)
Read the Old testament and tell me you didn't find war, or killing or beheadings or sex or incest in there.

There! I finally proved it! The Fritzl incest incident in Austria.. clearly a case of fundamentalist Christianity! The Iraq war, Afghanistan war.. are not about oil or 'terrorism'.. it's all there right there in the bible! Violence is inherent in that vile religion! You can't ignore certain parts of the Old Testament and pretend it didn't exist! No Fair!

As for the Bhagavad Gita - a sub section of the Mahabarata - clearly shows the Gods appealing to humans to go to war! No wonder there are communal riots in India! It's right there in the religion! GO TO WAR! FIGHT AGAINST YOUR OWN KITH AND KIN! so explicitly said!
That adds 1 billion Catholics and a near billion hindus to my terrorist list, going by what is mentioned in their religious texts.

I honestly haven't read the Jewish Torah.. or otherwise I'd be in a better position to comment on that. But I'm sure the Jewish atrocity in the middle east has something to do with their religion as well.

So gradually, systematically, we can blame every problem in the world by religion.

But it would be wrong. You know why Jackal? Cuz of that wonderful something called 'context'.

Let me introduce you to the concept.

A woman once scratched the hands of her new born defenseless child in the most inhumane manner digging her sharp nails into it and scratching away its tender skin till it bled profusely, ignoring the baby's painful shrieks...

*shudder! What a terrible woman, you say. How cruel! To a defenseless baby too! Inhuman! Animal! You're disgusted*

A woman once scratched the hands of her new born defenseless child in the most inhumane manner digging her sharp nails into it and scratching away its tender skin till it bled profusely, ignoring the baby's painful shrieks... but the baby survived, as the woman's frantic efforts at grasping her new born child saved it from the crocodile which was dragging it into the water.

*Aww! 'Bravo!' you say now. You cheer the brave lady! What a nice woman! Applause! Applause!*

Now that you're familiar with the concept of 'context', I expect it has also dawned on you that anything can be taken OUT of context and quoted widely and made movies out of.

Your friend and partner in Islamophobia, Geert Wilders has released a movie called 'Fitna'. Nice work, I recommend it.

Now that you understand something called context, it matches Monty Python. Almost. :)

Have a nice day!

Yaamyn said...

Oh, and Ontological Jackass, I wish you'd post such comments more often, so that I get to discuss more stuff.

Next time, I'm quoting the old testament to prove how measles is a Christian conspiracy.

I swear I've done it before.

Just so that you're clear about it, I'm no apologetic Muslim.. Liberal sounds fake. I'm just the right kind of Muslim. :)
As darkmOOn said : I interpret it logically. If it makes sense to me, I accept it. Islam does. :)