Tuesday, March 17, 2009

MoIA to export content filtering technology

Ministry of Islamic Affairs (MoIA) of Maldives has decided to develop and market Internet content filters for countries world wide. This initiative is taken to save the economy and cater to the growing demands by countries like China and Pakistan.

Presently the ministry is actively testing the product in Maldives and are happy with the results. The devices are also embeded with special technology to improve peoples faith (not much details of this is available as of now, as it's in the process of being submitted to the patent office in Maldives).

It is also expected that MoIA will very soon take over the local telecom authority under it's wing along with education ministry.

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Yaamyn said...

We Maldivians are pioneers of ideas that take us backward! :p

Nice one.

Anyhow, I've created a Facebook group to discuss ways to ban the Adhaalath bastards.. you may join in and give your inputs here :