Friday, April 24, 2009

National Teleportation System

Dear Sirs,

I am an alien living in Male', Maldives. I am a legal one as I am a "Daftharu" man in Male'. The cost of living in Male' is so high compared to the incomes we get, I some times wonder if we are sane enough. As in why we still have not committed mass suicides.

I don't need to go into details of the costings, as everyone knows even the very basic one room apartment will cost close to USD 700. I have no choice but to live in Male'. Moving to the provinces is no option for me. I am sorry as I do not AGAIN agree with force migrations. I would have if you would provide me with the same job oppertunities and basic services.

I know you have been saying that this is your long term objectives and this is not brought to us by you and your government. However sirs, I would have no choice but to complain to you. I would complain to God, but I don't think he is too much interested in me and my country men.

Please once you finish developing your National Teleportation System and make the world a greener place. Please do hear our plea.

We can wait and hope that our children will be able to Teleport from point A to point B in split seconds. The other option is while we wait please make potassium cyanide available to us for FREE for those who need. This would be a great help and will be most appriciated.


naimbé said...

very interesting, indeed.

aindhy said...
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aindhy said...
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