Sunday, January 03, 2010

Tears in Heaven ?

It's always confusing for me; the idea of existence of different schools in Islam. The Sunni, Shia, Shafi, Wahaabi and Hanafi, etc. All of them simply can't be right. Maybe ONE is right or ALL are wrong. That is the logic, and many will NOT want to accept this.

I also can't accept that some people do good is ONLY to end up in Heaven. They again may NOT admit to this, but this is again very real. They pray, give zakath, etc only for this reason (not cos they care about the dying and needy). What if there was NO heaven would they still do good?. I don't know.

The question about my faith have been brought up many times. I still will keep it to myself. However I would like to believe that all those NORMAL people you quote can't be right. Not all of them. There is a lot lost in history and a lot of made ups. I refuse to believe all that. Too much politics (examples like The battle of Jamal) and works of unknown forces have been involved. Killings in the name of god and illogical reasonings all of which I can't accept. So call me what ever you wish. I won't mind.

To the people who talk about god and god's ways, they sometimes forget that if god exists there must exist the devil too. If there is a devil, all the while he would not be sitting in a beach in Maldives and enjoying the sun, sea and sand. There is always the possibility that the school you follow is his creation? Maybe he took over and you are just killing for him? . I did not introduce the idea of god and devil so don't look at me. Just think about the possibilities and what you believe in. Don't point a finger at others, three more might be pointing back at you too.

... and may god bless you. :)


Hilath said...

I think it's a human ego issue.


"I am always right, all others are wrong."

"I will not get AIDS, it's always the 'other' person who can."

"Tsunamis will not strike our country, it will strike 'other' countries."

Don't know where this weird alien sense of the 'other' came into human psyche.

moyameehaa said...

"Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion." - Steven Weinberg

good people do good things regardless of their beliefs. morals and values come from within...not from above. it cant come from above when it keeps changing (slavery was not evil few years back!).only if god sends automatic updates every year or so.

"The greatest tragedy in mankind's entire history may be the hijacking of morality by religion." - Arthur C. Clarke

Hilath said...

Once I asked a believer (no point in specifying which religion since all religious 'logic' is similar) the hypothetical question: "What if your Holy Book says it is OK to murder someone?"

The believer looked confounded and said to me: "What kind of religion would permit that?!"

His reply showed that believers have a convenient way of making oneself blind to the fact that morals and ethics are inbuilt in human nature -- as you pointed out :)

Fenfulhangi said...

they might call a lot of us as unbelievers and judge us because we are different..and we do not follow blindly..and we try to merciful..passionate..and compassionate...but is that not what the PRoiphet preached as well???

abdullamuhammad said...

Bismillahirrah maa nirraheem

"They pray, give zakath, etc only for this reason (not cos they care about the dying and needy)"

U have a job (example a software developer), u get salary at the end of the month or when u complete ur work. In this process, u won’t say that this is such a headache or m doing this only to get the salary and i don’t care of developing quality softwares. u do ur work with ur interest, U accept it and u do it by adding ur own creative thoughts.

another example.
ur boss tells u to give 1/40 of this month salary to someone else. And he said if u do so he will giv u 10 times of ur current salary for the rest of ur life. in this case u will give that portion happily without any hesitations.

"What if there was NO heaven would they still do good?"

an exam without any results is useless, studying for that exam is also useless, participating in that exam is also useless, allocating space for the exam hall is also useless.
now if u substitue the "exam hall" with the "worldly life" u'l get the ans for this.

We as muslim belive in Allah(sw) the only load, his revealation Qur'an, His Messenger Prophet Muhammad Sallaullahu Alaihi Wassallam, and the Messengers before.

we do what Allah (Sw)(laailla ha illallah) has command on us in a similar way. He gives us janna on return of the good deeds we do (that Allah (Sw) has commanded on us). for example we give zakath in our own interest by accepting it from deep in our heart same as u develop softwares for ur company. We know that Allah will give us the reward. and his System of life(that is ISLAM) is the only solution for everything in this life.

May Allah guide you to the straight path.

chopey said...

@ abdullamuhammad Thank you for your view. I understand the point.

However I also do develop software for FREE. I don't get anything in return for that. Now in no way I am claiming that I am a "good" person or a better person. I also at times help people where I can without the thought of God or a reward. I know many do, many non mulsims just out of a "good heart". My point again is why can't people do that? Why do some of us only do things that god commanded us and cos he did.

I can give you an example like you have. This time you are the BOSS. What do you think of the employees who just do what you tell them to do? and just cos you told them to do. They don't take the initiatives or do work to improve sales, etc. If there were such employees who do you favor most? The people who are like "amaa bunee thaafarah", or what we Maldivians call "bohvaa" (not a good word though) type of people, or genuine people?. Thats all I am asking. Not questioning the motives of god here, but questioning the motives of most of us. In conclusion can I say, these people who do good (cos god asked them to) won't care about a dying kid on the side of the road when they pass by, if god never asked?. Thats all.

(funny thing; my word verification for this post created by blogger is "unsin")

abdullamuhammad said...

Bismillah hirrahmaa nirraheem.

Allah (Sw) says in the Qur'an "And I(Allah) created not the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me(Alone)". Qur'an 51:56

I reccomend you to have a look to the link below.

May Allah guide us.