Monday, July 26, 2010

iDhivehiSites for iPhone

New update on app store with additional fonts.

Bug: is having issues of font rendering. We have already fixed this with a UI change. Update will be submitted to app store approval today.


App now supports Bookmarking users favorite sites.

Link to iPad version of iDhivehiSites (itunes)

App revamping done by @jinahadam

Update: App now in app store. App store link

Will be adding more fonts and making an update.


MrMaldivian said...

Thanks for the great job, what's the cost for it??
Jinah also working with u at the same company tha?

Jinah Adam said...

Same company. But this is not a company project, gaumee project.

Heuristic Mind said...

This one is really kewl one, why Dont you have a App for Android as well/ ?

wh0kn0wz said...

Looks good, all this time I thought all you needed was a font in the system to view Dhivehi on the built-in browsers.

chopey said...

@wh0kn0wz if the fonts can be installed on to the systems font folder, I think they will work. In the case of jailbroken iphones this will apply if not there is no way to install the fonts. The only choice left is to use embedded fonts with an app.