Thursday, November 10, 2005


这是我的第一个中国岗位; 如果您能读这您然后是汉语或您翻译这, 然后您是真正地对我感兴趣。 或者您知道汉语。 在任何情况下如同您能猜测; 我是非常委员会。 我采取了从工作5 天。 那么在家整天和设法出去工作。 工作为7 到8 月和我需要断裂。
这个岗位是用中文; 提醒我中国朋友我有后面在学院, 我没有大多数他们的联络和失去的轨道他们。 但我知道我错过他们和非常学会从他们。 如此这是为您人花花公子。


Inash said...

Below is the AltaVista Babel Fish translation. It's not perfect though:

This is my first Chinese post; If you can read this you then are Chinese or you translate this, then you truly are interested to me. Or you know Chinese. Is similar to you in any situation to be able to guess; I am the unusual committee. I adopted from have worked 5 day. Then all day and tries the work in the home. The work is and I needs to break 7 to August. This post is with Chinese; Behind reminds my China friends I to have in the institute, I do not have the track which the majority their contact and loses they. But I knew I miss them and extremely learn from them. So this is your person dandy.

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好。好尝试; >