Sunday, November 06, 2005

A for Apple: in Maldives

Foucs Computers has got Apple Mac's in the show room now. Seems they are selling Mac's. On display are iMac's, Power Mac's and PowerBooks too. This was good news. Finally a good desktop environment. The question now everyone is waiting for is: will mac's make it? I think still Mac's are a bit expensive for most Maldivians plus they are too used to the PC's. Now only the rich kids use the Mac's and these guys get them down from other countries. For Office; I don't think except your boss who can spend extra money without questions being asked will get mac's. I feel the Maldivian Office environments are not yet ready to use Mac's as the desktop platform. It will be great if they do. iPods has a market :) and Surprisingly no Mac Mini's in the show room.

I have also got information from friends that another party who has got authorized dealership for Mac's is opening an Apple Store. Lets see how this goes. In any case this is exciting news. I would like to get one of those G5's.


primary0 said...

considering the local demand, focus is making a mistake by bringing these soon-to-become-legacy ppc based systems. the intel mac releases are just a few months away and they will be much cheaper.

enigma said...

the other guys are some ppl called GloBiz company. They say they r the "authorized distributor" for apple products and that Focus is an "authorized reseller". They also said that nother party has also been awarded the reseller license from Apple Aisa.

Their apple centre is planned to open end of november.

ASA said...

now its 2008