Monday, April 17, 2006

Murder, Death!

Born on the street maybe, not valued by anyone. Just a domestic pest for most. Would be just a few weeks old or max a month. I was stuck in the rain. Its almost midnight. Few cars and people on the road parked my bike and stopped near this house to get shelter from the rain. My eyes got coughed up on a cat cross the street, Maybe like me, trying to hide from the pouring rain. I can see its worm and safe. But not for long. This three couple who were on the nightly bike rides invaded the little kittens shelter. One girl noticed the kitten and pointed to maybe what it seem, her boy friend. He was quick to save her. Kicked the kitten out on the road. Poor thingy tried to get back, but they showed no mercy. Really kicked it hard this time. And seems the girls enjoyed the bravery of the guys, who were bullying the helpless kitten.

I watched the drama. Was pissed but what good was I. Me and them no difference. I watched and did not do anything. The poor thing slowly walked in pain to flee from the kicking. It stopped in the middle of the road, maybe the pain and the cold. It some how just stopped right there. On the yellow line. I knew what was to be next. Few cars. Lucky so far? The first two saw it and skipped it. The third car saw the kitten; and it speeded towards it. I can tell that, cos I saw it. It ran over. The kitten still moved its legs. It was painful to see that. I saw another car speeding, it looked as if it would not have seen the kitten for sure. But it took away the pain for sure. Now its dead. Dead for real.. Free, free to the other side. Death, may not be the thing but this time I thought for myself.. Its better then living like that then to die? I was feeling guilty too. I was no less then the rest of them. I just witnessed the murder of a little helpless kitten by civilized humans.


Anonymous said...

That is so sad. Why would someone do something like that? you should have done something! I am crying like mad now! Why didn;t you save the kitten? you could have sigaled to the cars to stop and then saved the poor thing. Why did you just stand there and do nothing?

Anonymous said...

We are not taught to love other living things. something is missing from the education and upbringing for this kind of cruelty and - apathetic onlooking.
Hey man , you should have let your compassion flower and not idly stand by.
(at least you roused yourself to write in your blog. thats a start...)

ishaq said...
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ishaq said...

Edmund Burke said all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.