Monday, April 10, 2006


I finally got FC5, fully working on my notebook. I got all the devices working. Patched everything. I liked the new package manager, though it took me a while to figure out what had been changed and how to go about it. The next thing I wanted to test was the new looks of the accelerated X stuff. This was not bundled with FC5 so I had to do a little bit of work.

Its XGL and AIGLX. Getting AIGLX was not so much of a trouble, but it did spoil some stuff. Namely after I got it working with the cool drop shadow and the jelly like window movements, my remote desktop stuff won't work. I was not able to use rdesktop to connect to windows machines. Well it did work; but the window does not refresh, so it was a waste. Besides that the performance was ok; maybe cos I had a ATI card. I had some issues with the metacity window manager a bit, and yeah I still use gnome. I got it fixed too with out much problems.

The next was XGL, man this was not so easy as I thought it world; it did give me a lot of issues trying to get it working on my box. But once I got it working; I would have to say it was worth all the trouble I went through to replace loads of libraries. I would have to say I liked the performance, though it crashed a few times. compiz was ok; it had cool (very cool) effects that I really loved to show off. Thats it, in anycase still its way too early to have them working on the desktop. Its ok for a test or to show off. Its just not ready yet.

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