Friday, June 16, 2006


I am not much of a web guy at all, but lately I had no choice. Had to work on a small project and I was forced to look into a good CMS. I went through a lot of them. Mostly php based ones, which are very famous and strongly suggested by my fellow friends. They were all cool.

But then I got to plone. Plone is a open source cms built on top of zope. I think this is the best CMS I have seen thus far. It is more then just a simple CMS, there is a hell lot more to it then being a simple CMS. I also liked the fact that I can develop stuff for it, more like addons, using python and take advantage of zope application framework. I had to less concentrate on the presentation layer and could do more on the business logic of the stuff I worked on. I really enjoyed the last 3 months I spend working with zope and plone.

Also it is worth to note that companies like Lufthansa, Nokia, eBay and also Nasa have adopted plone on various levels. I think even Ubuntu is using plone on their web site.


Simon said...

Somehow for me "small project" and "Zope based Plone" don't feel right in the one sentence.

Your photos are with me. Let me know when you're in this country.

chopey said...

thanks man; will call u this week. hehe yeah i agree with u r comment. well though i said small, it was for an intranet project.