Friday, June 30, 2006

kent sent me

I don't know how many of you still remember this screen. Yeah man this was "the game!".Larry the very first one. Some of us may still remember when this was played on CGA/EGA video cards, with 4 or 16 colors. Way back around 1987 to 1991. I first played it with a group of friends back in school , maybe or 91. This was amazing then. An interactive character, who was out hunting for girls. Was kinda a big thing back then, something you really talked about. And if I asked for the password; how many of you still remember it.... :P
Anyway this was a good inspiration to some people too. I remember some guys working on a similar small scale game. Which was built for the O'Level computer project; using the BBC Micro's. Don't really remember who the gang was. It was done using sprite animations, at a very simple level. Anyway those were good old time; when everything new you see inspired and fascinated you.

So where are we moving now? I guess its a lot changed; the internet has come a long way; and game development has improved so much. I guess the next level is more to do with online gaming. Things worth looking at are new games like Naughty America's which is a blend of The Sims and Yahoo Personals.


persona non grata said...

it's not "kent sent me", it's "ken sent me".

M said...

Leisure Suit Larry! Now that is a role game for all. Especially for geeks and nerds, for whom this is the closest they can get to intimacy.

Been about 15 years since it began. Can't forget how Larry does its hallmark James Bond type introduction of himself. "I'm Larry... (nervous laugh) Larry Laffer."

A true collectible too. So far 8 of them have been released. It's latest, "Magna Cum Laude" sucked big time. It did not stand anything close to its predecessors. "Lust in Space" and "Pocket Party" got cancelled. Darn.

For you fans, "Cocoa Butter" is the next installment and is due toward the end of 2006.

Gaanagaa said...

Thats ancient shot!!
I thinks Larry still rocks in his recent games. With better graphics and AI, its pretty much same ol Larry. FUN

Simon said...

Ah yes...brings back a lot of memories.

In fact, some of my buddies still use the password to gain access to cafe' time as a joke.