Monday, July 31, 2006


The story begins when New Zealand (A.D. 2631) reports that a meteor crashed into the nearby ocean. Two Years Later the "Red Falcon", begins the destruction of humanity. Two of earth's marines, Bill & Lance, become the Contra. Their mission: Stop the world's destruction.
What ever the story was about, be it two guys with no shirts on or a stupid alien name called "Red Falcon". It was the best games of the 80's. I guess I never played any game more ever. Contra was the game. It had a good music, good graphics and most of all game play was good and fast. Considering the machines it ran on and the time. This was the best game on the Nintendo. Ok, some of you will say Super Mario was the game, hmmm! Ok, but for me it was not so. Before that I would say River Raid of Atari was the best.

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Anonymous said...

I clearly remember the days we played it. It was a masterpiece. It was the one game that dominated the gaming population back then in Male'. PH