Thursday, July 20, 2006


What is Terror? Its become an abused word, use to justify killing people and children. When some people die, and are killed : its an act of self defense or liberalization act. When some people act in retaliation and and in self defense and out of frustration its named terrorism. It all depends on which side you are! Its nothing to do with justice and humanity or even the most boasted word democracy.

I just saw these pics on this site; and it really hit me. This is really sick and so uncivilized. Shame on UN and US (who talks about freedom and humanity). And yeah here is an equation

2 Israeli solders = thousands of kids and innocent people of Lebanon ?

cool ey! This is how much human lives are worth and valued by the civilized world.


Dancing in the Rain said...

this is so true!! I'm traumatized

M said...

Terror has a new meaning now. Tne English dictionary is over due in updating the meaning on the books.

UN and US are their to enforce human rights and democracy... not practice it. It's probably a glitch in their mandates. Hmmm. Must take over the world. Must control oil.

Regarding the 2 Israeli soldiers to many people ratio issue, it's all about weightage. You see, to Israel, their citizen would have more value. Meaning, the rest of the world can go to hell for all they care.

rxs said...

reminds me of M's blog post on a "tewwowismania"