Monday, September 04, 2006

how safe is safe?

dont worry the situation in Kabul is quite stable there are many forigner workers here and there have not been any kidnapped cases or murder many Europian UN worker drive around kabul and go for shopping and there isn't any problem so i hope you will enjoy working in Kabul to let you know i cant recommand you to work in the south and eastern provinces because there are some enemies and they are trying to kidnapped the foreign and government workers but Kabul is Safeeeeeee
so i hope you come and have a great experience in Afghanistan take care
Regards W

This was a email I got. According to it, its safe. The question now is how safe is safe?. There is another email I go too, which had a good point.
One more thing: there are much more chances to die of autoaccident in Minsk, my native city, then here of a rocket explosion and car crash together.
This was a good point. But I don't think still all this will convince my family and friends for me to take up a job at Kabul, Afghanistan. But I guess, if not for them I would have considered taking the offer. Well no one will know what holds for us, but most will say better not take chances with your life. So nothing much can be said. I am kinda sad, cos I think I have to let down the chance. It would have been a good experience and the pay was damn good. Plus I needed a change.

Form the looks of how things are going, things are stalled. Most will say its a very "harudhaana" choice. But for me, I'd rather move on and learn more. I don't think I would wanna be working for one place for a long time. I think its better for us to move on, find better options and gain experience. But most "harudhaana" minded people will disagree with me on this. That's fine. Its just my view that I am expressing here. One reason being, the more exposure you get the better chances you have to learn and improve. But if you wanna rule and take over a place or make it look as if you are the boss, or will be soon. Then stick on. Or maybe if you think you will never get a better job. Stick on. But as of now, I guess I'd be always on the look out for better options. Maldives is obviously out. There is nothing much I can learn from here. Even most jobs the pay "SUCKS". But I hope this time, I'd get a saffer offer.


moyameehaa said...

well...i think u r right, its better to go there. experience the culture,and different atmosphere.Never mind the bombs. there in Male' u might die at any moment, no place is safe from death. And yes, maldivians dont like to let their children/family leave home.I think it is because of the attachment to family and relatives.Traveling around is what all great people the world have seen loved to do.anyway family is family... ;D

Anonymous said...

safe and daring is wearing a white g-string while taking a crap. cutting the log right in two.

ashraf said...

some Afghan facts.

the US govt recently announced that by the end of this year Afghan would be the biggest exporter of opium, that thing that runs their economy, with more than 93% of global opium coming out of Afghan.

you've yet to see 'road to guantanamo'. a few pakistani guys coming out of a rural pakistani village found even the Afghan border area to be GROSS. now, rural Pakistan is gross enough. rural Iran is gross enough. rural any place, especially (and sadly) Islamic country is gross. how gross? dead animals and garbage and trash on the streets and swarms of hovering flies transit on your plate en route from that rotting rat nearby is said to be a common site. cleanliness goes hand in hand with islam but not so for the Afghan versionm. somebody shud teach them that being clean does not mean being rich.

watch "road to guantanamo" and you will see what it looks like, and get a feel of how the place would smell and taste like. well i think its important because my personal gross threshold is quite weak.

there was a suicide attack in the shopping area in Kabul yesterday.

Kabul 'city' is basically a dry landscape of 1 storey ruins, half-buildings, non existing infrastructures, dirty eateries, some landmines, robbers, water problems (major!) and crowded commutes.

its fucking cold in winter with no equal plus point for that.

if you are getting at least 3 star dining and stay, with a guaranteed easy commute, you better leave now! and do not come back without having fired a few kalishnikov shots or polished some RPGs yourself. the major problems are not kidnappers (they dont kidnap muslim foreigners) and bombers. its the lifestyle that you gotta adopt to, the food you gotta eat and boredom (compare to male') you gotta deal with. and also all the chicks there are covered from head to toes, so no good sights at that either (if u did take a glance you could get.. u know.. shot or something).

either way this would be the one and only lifetime experience! if the gross factor doesnt bother you, you need to go NOW!

just my 2cents.

kingkill said...

you've got the same kind of morale to thought the css of him is waaaaaay tougher than yours...

cheers bloggers.

ss said...

i think you are scared to take that chance. I say go for it. its worth. i did. and i am enjoying it.