Saturday, September 23, 2006

use Perl;

I've been working on a glue project for the last few days, and finally finished the first phase. Started off with a mix of stuff. Perl, sqlplus and even some shell scripts. Did not go very well. It started to get bigger and messy. Perl is a very flexible language, and has really good and large module support (CPAN). It was a big help. Got things done really fast. But Perl is a messy language. I know you can make it really neat too. But one reason why I use Perl is since I can get things done really fast, thus this results in ugly code. Well; I say ugly cos lately I have been too use to python and I love the looks of python code.

As for Perl its is too permissions related, and too messy to deal with. But this time Perl really did the job. I was able to make the system which was at the center of 5 different systems. The job was to integrate and communicate between them. One of which included an Oracle based system too.

I have to admit Perl really helped. Perl is really good to get things done fast. Lately its been that way, since I need small scripts on and off. All of which is mostly developed in Perl. Now I am starting to wonder, if I should keep things the way it is and go on with Perl. The problem is I know this system is gonna grow really big, and I am not so confident with large Perl based systems. One thing I will hate is if I have to migrate the code to python or Java. Then it will be like hell again. Anyway lets see.


Inash said...

I recommend you using Python since it's scalability is proven industry wide. Cleaner code and easier maintainability are key factors that you should weigh over complication and easier prototyping.

Anonymous said...

I recommend using Arabic, it is extremely scalable as it was the language used to program the Holy Koran (billions of Muslims and Jinns use this bug-free program). Also the program was feature-frozen 1400+ years ago, and it is said that it has all features required by mankind for all time.

Anonymous said...

and i forgot, the program code guarantees it cannot be hacked, or forked, and that it will remain at version 1.0. It went into production at line 1, required no quality assurance, and it requires no maintenance. Sublime.

shafiu said...

who gives a damn about perl.
Use VB, The great Virtual Base. :P

chopey forget all the perl and python and crap. Use VB.

GO VB, VBEEEEEEEEEEEe... go micro$oft.

M said...

Why use VB when you can use QBasic? Or even better, try MASM. For the hardcore programmers, try debug tool from M$DOS.

How about Real Basic? You can port programs to various OSes from it.