Monday, October 16, 2006

mobile computing

Its now become a day to day life thing, the mobile phones. Our computers are also no longer just used to type documents and do spreadsheets. Its no longer a business tool, its also become a personal thingy. The introduction of GPRS has brought so many applications to the mobiles. Now we can be online anytime, read mails, IM, etc. One application which has gained a lot of attention was the mig33, now there are even better concepts and clients. Which is not only used for IM's but even to bring your desktop to your mobile. Even push your emails to your mobile. A college of mine showed me a client called morange, which is worth having a look into. One of the features I really liked was people can access the desktops (remote desktop access) from the mobile to your office and home system. There are loads of other functions as well,like push email and mobile camera access.


Remote Desktop Access
There must have been cases when you need to access documents on a remote PC while you are on the go. For example, customers may want a product brochure urgently, or you may want to access your pictures to show to your friends. MORANGE enables a fast and secure access to a remote computer from mobile phone. Users can read and send documents, and you can control all different PC resources remotely. Furthermore, you don't have to have your computer always on, you can enjoy the "virtual thumb drive" to store all your files:
  • Browse folders on a remote PC.
  • View documents such as Word, JPEG, Text, Excel.
  • Send documents as attachment to emails recipient.
  • Enjoy 5M of free server space as remote driver.

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