Friday, December 01, 2006

TVM , fahimagu ?

I don't watch TV much; specially the local TV. A few reason behind it; which rather not be discussed. Anyway I've seen parts of a few program called “fahimagu”. Its been around for sometimes now. The program is about computers and IT. A local presentation. One of my x student and a friend of mine presents it. Its good to see them on TV. Anyway the producers need to improve this program. I am really sorry to say its really bad; in term of content. I feel the program being a local presentation; it lacks local content a lot. Not much focus is given to the local IT or vibes. Yes; they do cover all major events; so does the news. But seriously if anyone knows the producers of this program they need to be told about this.

There is a lot they can cover and focus on; which I feel hardly they even know. IT is growing in the Maldives and we have new things everyday. Why not cover them, or try to make it more informative to the locals. I agree they do pick on local stuff every now and then, but I feel they can do better. End of the program the views should learn something new or get some information out of it. Whats the point in telling that MS Word is a word processor. We all know that. Educate us, enlighten us and entertain us. Maybe my expectations are too high?

So; what can they do to make a change. Well thats what they need to figure out. One suggestion I can think of is make people aware about current events and vibes. Talk about them discuss about them. Example There is so many out there who use it and so many bloggers now. But at the same time there is a lot of people who don't know what is blogging. The power of blogs and what it can do, etc. Simple things like these can be looked into. Recent events like and other online communities and their contributions. WiFi networks in male', the forums,irc,etc. These are all good topics. Things like IT jobs in male', what the employers are looking for. Things like that. Other stuff like ; “will the marine fiber give me more speed, etc”? These are all areas that can be covered and which is good topics.

But then again; I wonder too. Do they really want the general public to know about these things? Internet already has caused so much problems (for some people) socially and politically. This might be a factor too, to keeping somethings closed and untouched. Again, I maybe wrong. I am told the country is in reform and more transparency is being introduced. Maybe soon we will see all this. Who knows?


am said...

I agree with you.
They can do much better than that.showing some word & excel tips is "oLd"...why not introduce new things(for newbies) such as open office..???& as u said talk about cool mv sites(such as mvblogs..mlug..mvh instead of talking about already popular & known international websites..

Anonymous said...

I think informing the public about 'MS Word' is still relevant. You may wish to listen to the questions sent to the said programme to appreciate this claim. But whether or not TVM should 'teach' people such basics is a question we might want to consider further. But, I think the programme can touch on different aspects of the field at different levels targetting different audiences.

Anonymous said...

I'm from India and I am impressed by the Maldivian presence online. Most Maldivian institutions, departments have well designed websites online and theyre updated regularly.

Indian government websites on the other hand are ugly and rarely updates. The so called "IT superpower" still has a lot to learn from our neighbour!

Anonymous said...

Microsoft Word has an important role to play in Maldivian democratic reform. As we speak, someone is using Microsoft Word to draft the new constitution. With its amazing copy-paste facilities, they're using it to search the web, copy sections from other countries' constitutions.

viva la Microsft word.

"Vote for me and your Wildest dreams will come true"

- Pedro in Napolean Dynamite

shafiu said...

cool idea,
now to let the fahimagu guys see this post and hear this idea,