Sunday, December 31, 2006

tail -f 2006

ah! end of the year 2006. Well, hmmm! another year, a good year. over all for me its been a very good year. Right now I am in India with my family due to some medical issues, thank god all is fine now. So I am celebrating this new year as a happy guy and with my family, only thing I miss is my son. He is back in Male' with his mom. If he was here it would have been so complete. Anyway no one gets it all ey? Just hope I'd be with him on the next new year.

Next year (2007) might be a bit of tough year. Seems I have to be on medication for one year (taking an injection every week). Ouch! Next thing would be I can't spend as much time at office as this year (all thanks to the doctors again). Besides that I don't think much will change. It will be just work, loads of sleep. And yeah no resolutions, yep none. Guess only major change will be I would try to move away from totally devoting my time at office and try to do something on my own too. Don't really know what or how yet. Just have some slight idea, but no real plans. I don't think living on USD 900 a month is good enough anymore. I guess its time a lot of us give it a thought and try harder. Fight back if needed. Anyway, lets see.

Since this is my last post of the year, would like to post about me :) and this is my blog! Firstly I would like to thank my family for the support they always give me and standing by me. Without them I can't be the me I am, be it bad or good. I love them. My close friends who's always been a good company and from whom I learn so much. Some people always have stood by me, no matter what. Thank you so much. What I have learned and known is no one knows it all. No one. And there is always someone out there, who is better than you and from whom you can always learn. They maybe elder to you or even younger. Always learn from them and give back what you can. If anyone ever says "I am the best", Its "simply not true". Or if anyone thinks in that attitude its not the right attitude. Last one year I've met some amazing people, and hope to work with some of them a bit longer. Its really good to be part of an amazing team at work. Ah and before I forget; I should thank my wife for keeping up with me and always making me smile and laugh.

Hopefully next year will be a good start. I was really happy to see the mail from IOSN inviting me to participate in the Asia Source II camp in Sukabumi, Indonesia, between 22nd and 30th of January 2007. I don't know if I can make it or not. But I sure hope so. Best part is its all fully sponsored. I would be honored to be representing Maldives and the Maldivian Linux Users Group if I can make it. Anyway I don't have much hopes since I am already on leave now and to get another leave the same month, I know I have to put up a major fight. But lets hope I can.

Finally I think I've decided on my carrier path. geee! took me long. I guess I love the part of my job which involves product development in the mobile sector. I guess VAS (value added services) is where I wanna move on. Hopefully I'd be able to learn more on it and gain more experience there. Its kinda fun area and involves a lot of stuff which makes it really interesting. Best part I love about it is the integration of different technologies for our requirements. There is always something new to learn and do. I hate to do the same routing stuff everyday. I'd rather commit suicide then that. I don't know how some people can do it. Its amazing.

Today is the last day of the year and I met someone who's helped me a few years back and whom I respect so much. Today again I've had the pleasure of having a chat with him for an hour or so. Thanks to him I am more convinced with certain things and have helped me to clear something better. We all have our own issues and problems, facing them and over coming them is the challenge in life. Some times we are lost, we don't know where we should head to or do. Its good to stop and analyze things and if possible share it with people who can help or care. Then follow the advise of these people. It really helps. Some times it also happens that you are aware of somethings and understand things, but you might find it hard to accept those things and act on them. Again at these times its good to stop and do the same. Might not apply for everyone, but for me it sure does help. So to rap up, I thank everyone who's been a part of my life in anyway and wish them a very happy new year. Damn I got to run. Happy new year again!

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you sound more wiser now. hehe