Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hulhumale' Services SUCKS

I've been living in Hulhumale' for almost a year or more. The good side of this place is its much quite than male'. Few people compared to male' and not much vehicles. Yeap! thats about it. And yeah hardly the police stops you and bothers you.

Rest of the things about this place SUCKS. YES! SUCKS. MTCC ferry service SUCKS. There is a ferry every 30 minutes, getting on one is like fighting a war. Its overcrowded and at times you'd be left behind. The bus service of cartunes SUCKS BIG TIME. They are still using a mini bus,probably donated by Maldivian Air Taxi.BY the way you need to race to get on the bus too. It hardly runs and can only accommodate less then 40 or so people. Each ferry carries about close to 80 people. To get to Hulhumale' it takes about 25 minutes. Thats another major problem. Unless you have a DRP meeting, then you get FREE ferry service and some speed boats. I hope they keep a meeting every day. I like DRP for these kinda reasons. :)

Please note that the people who live in Hulhumale' PAY for the LAND. Unlike most people in Male' and Vilingili (land owners). For the flats too, people PAY. Its not FREE. They recently gave out new flats and raw houses. It was some thing anyone should go and check out. Its made to Tokyo standards(only size wise). Now figure it out on your own. Best is to come and have a look (from the inside). But yeah its good, for people who don't have anything better. Not much choice, we all need shelter. Its a good business too. You go into a LOTTERY. Yes a LOTTERY, if you win you get a flat or a land. Once you get it, pay a minimum rent of about 2000 or 4000. Then rent it out to some unfortunate people for double or more the price. Good Business too. I call it a Lucky LOTTERY. HIT the JACKPOT and you can't be more lucky.

Food! yamee! the food here SUCKS. No good restaurants or cafe's. Thats ok, but not even good FOOD to buy. Only vegetable we would get is half rotten carrots and some beans (maybe a little better then that).There is STO, the place SUCKS big time too. They have one full block of shop taken for them, its worse than a small local shop (most local shops are much better). I don't know why they have taken the whole block. Lets see, the BANK (BML) is good. So far, the service is good too. Thats a plus point.

Another big problem is if you have to go to the airport early morning with luggage, forget it. You would not get a cab. The bus won't let you in with the luggage. On top of that, while Hulhumale' is connected via land to the airport you have to go to Male' then take another ferry to airport. Convenient ey?. If you come on a late night flight and miss the 0130 ferry then you can sleep at the ferry terminal, cause no ferry service is there after that.Come on you people who impose these rules, you try this one day and tell me how it feels before you try to defend your asses. And how frustrating it gets.

Oh yeah, the Health service. I don't think I even want to talk about it. Last I went there, even the ECG machine was broken. If you want to die here, get admitted. Good point is its FREE.

For those who want to move here, my advice stay out of it. You'd get depressed and frustrated. The place has a good potential but very badly managed. Maybe when the election is near there might be improvements. Anyway lets see, meanwhile I am hunting for an apartment in Male' (One room place) If anyone can help, will be great.


muhammadh said...

one room apartments are hard to find. but if you look enough you do really get lucky to find a good place. always.

mostly i'd like to welcome you back to ol' male'.

good to hear you want to get back.

Yusuf Abdulla Shunan said...

look at the bright side... lot of opportunities for the fast acting businessmen to tap into... what are we waiting for....

asoa said...

It's cheaper and more convenient to live in Colombo or Malaysia (KL) than this.

XefroX said...

hulhumale' a suvaruge binkolhu
when it was startin it was like to provide boa hiyaavahikan and now money money..and the services and all its juss a name..and gr8ly desing buildings..

balaabodu said...

Guess ive changed my mind of shifting to hulhumale (as for now). Yeah its cheaper to live in a neighbouring country than livin here. Its like, the service we get here is from cape verde or somalia. But the money we pay to the awful services is in sterling pounds.