Thursday, January 11, 2007

iPhone or not to iPhone

nop, its not an apple iPhone. While there is so much vibe going on about it, I feel it might not be the right choice for me. For sure apple iPhone will looked cool and will be cool to have, but feature wise the first generation of the iPhones might not be as good as we would expect them to be. As I have read from another fellow bloggers blog, it can do MP3. WOW! so can my old Nokia 6600. But yeah I agree Apple does things in style and the fact that it comes with Mac OS X (maybe a chunked down version) will make it really a cool device to own. I totally agree.

As for me, I am looking forward to the new OpenMoko. Why OpenMoko? Well, its a Linux based mobile and suppose to be fully open.

While we have seen some Linux phones earlier too, the new OpenMoko from FIC claims to be a truly Open Linux phone that runs on the latest Linux 2.6.18 kernel. The thing where it stands different from earlier so-called Linux phones is that unlike them, the new OpenMoko features a Linux kernel that is open from top to bottom. The OpenMoko comes with fully exposed radio and a GPS unit. It even offers you the functionality to make your own kernel using the tools. Being open comes into notice as you can get the software you need from any repository if you want to do something on the phone that your phone doesn’t do.

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Well, I would strongly suggest people who wanna go for the iPhone to get one. It will be one cool toy to have. As for me I think I would enjoy a phone like OpenMoko as toy more. Simply thats the reason plus it does look cool too.

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ashraf said...

fully open kernel, radio and even the gadmn gps... thats waay too good. its useful if you want to craft it into something more... many businesses can find it useful.

but one thing i know, give me all the open source on that phone, but as an individual (or average consumer type user) id be hardly using it for anything "open source" at all. at the end of the day, it will be calls, sms.. and anything else that can be done on it, can be done with the typical windows mobile.

iphone is eye candy yeah. but until its open to the 3rd party scenery, it will be just what it is, eye candy phone, and until that happens, it will not, by definition, be a smart phone either. but i think i'll get one anyway :P