Saturday, November 03, 2007

How to add a facebook badge to your blog

Simple thingy but thought I'd make a post on it. Firstly this assumes you have a facebook account and have a blog .
A badge is a customizable clip of your Facebook profile that you can share on other web sites like blogs, personal web pages, or forums. You can choose what information to show on your badge. The badge will be automatically updated and visible to anyone you want, even non-Facebook users.
So moving on; easiest way is log in to your facebook account and go to your profile scroll down and just click on the "Create a Profile Badge". On this page, select the "Create Badge" option or just visit . Next Create a VERTICAL, JAVASCRIPT format badge and click SAVE.

Once you get to the next page copy the outputted HTML code and go to your blogger template. Just append the code into your template. Thats all.


moyameehaa said...

thanx for sharing...ive added it now!

Ladylakegolfer said...

Thanks for your help, Darkmoon...I never saw the badge link until I read your helpful advice!!

Kunal said...

Thanks a lot.. I have added too..