Sunday, November 04, 2007

That Apple

Ok, here is a controversial story of Adam and Eve. I am not interested in the religious aspect of it at this moment. What I would like to point out is that, we are talking of heaven here; I mean if we refer to the time before they ate that apple. So there was it; "Heaven", what more can I tell you. Everything you needed was there; or at least it should be.... but Eve; she had to greed for this "apple" (or the forbidden fruit). I don't understand it. Just this apple. Again we are talking about heaven and the human population of just 2; meaning they had the whole place for themselves as well. :) However Eve was not happy, she somehow had to convince Adam to bring her this fruit and eat it. Thats it. The rest is up to you to conclude and apply.

Now don't plan to kill me, I am just thinking out loud. One thing, which comes to my mind is they were in heaven and yet they did break rules or they wanted more? So for all the people who work so hard to go to paradise, I hope the same won't happen to them. ooops. After all, still we are talking about humans here.

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Simon said...


Have you watched the movie The Island by Michael Bay? Here's a conversation from it:

Lincoln Six-Echo: I think they're going to kill you.
Jordan Two-Delta: I'm going to The Island.
Lincoln Six-Echo: Jordan, there *is* no island!