Sunday, July 24, 2005

cd /home/hulhumale'

done! been about 4 days since i have cut off myself from the busy and freak'n male'. too much politics, speeding cars, crappy ppl, too many men in green and blue, etc. this plc is so much better. cofe'? I get it here too! so? i think i prefer to live here then at male'. Life here is so much better. the beach is nice, not many people and cars, so much better. I would not mind call'n this home. might set my environment variables $HOME to the island. Few years down the line, many will agree with me; but now i know a few will. But that's cool, even if i were u ; it would be the same.

1 comment:

rxs said...

$YEAR=current, $HOME="hulhumale"
$YEAR=2010 hulhumale=bronxOfMale

it will be.