Monday, July 25, 2005

Good morning Maldives

Today is the 26th of July 2005. and.. here we are ah ha! not a holiday for me. The boat ride was cool an't it? The sea, the clear blue sky.. And cute girls sitting in front of the boat adding to it. What more can you ask for? Freedom! I can feel it in the "air". Did you ever wonder why the sky is blue? and how it will feel to swim in the sea with dolphins, or be one of em'? Machines and people, animals and plants.. or everything, be what you wanna be. A few years from now, you will wonder why you did not enjoy it? why spend you life with regrets and jealousy and stuck with emotions that really don't make sense. Go out enjoy and be your self. Crack a few jokes, dance, sing and eat. Do something good; which will make you feel good! Life is surely short, enjoy it! Now let me do a little promotion too: "Life is good; share IT". Where IT, refers to? :) What ever? "Just DO IT". Someone a few nights back, gave me an article; which really inspired me; and I thank her for that! Thanks! God Bless you Maldives.

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Simon said...

Chopey, there is a living, walking and breathing example of a self-fulfilling profecy - you! :)