Saturday, July 30, 2005

System Administrator Appreciation Day

Yesterday 29th of July was the systems administrator appreciation day. Cool ey! If you belong to this category of people, you might want to stop and ask a question. How many times have you been thanked or how many times have you got to listen crap. But it's good to know there is a day ey that titles "System administrator appreciation Day". When mails are sent from one network to other; its taken for granted; when your system is up and running smoothly it's taken for granted. But when it's down; ah ah haa! It's not a good news for ANYONE. Point here is these people are responsible for simple things like you reading this blog, and most of the other things you do. Some people think it's just get the wire in and install the damn software! How easy can it be? Ok! Then do it your self. :) but I do understand when a system is down and slow and keeps on getting time outs; its really frustrating too. So it's human nature to get back at the sys admins. So basically it's part of the job and the challenge. I would say most sys admins don't really look for the thank you's and the big fat pays. Which they know won't really happen too, but the kick is to solve problems and get them right. I don't know if most people will understand it; but there is so much to it. When you finally get it done. You feel good; not that those people at office 3 can send mails, browse, or print. But cos you got it done, and you solved it. You got to find the problem or you came up with a hack for it. For us we don't care what content goes in those mails or data,for us it's just packets.

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