Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Another IT event

I guess most of you would have seen some posters on the roads with IITF or some thing. Which says "coming soon" and with some pink art work. Seems this is an IT event which will be held soon. Commercial one; so don't expect to find any thing interesting but will be worth to check out. Seems companies like Dhiraagu, STO and Wataniya might take part.


rxs said...

sounds like a mobile phone night market!

Anonymous said...

So what happened to t-con?


Normally, I'd expect a formidable technology expo albeit financed by commercial entities to offer some value for the pure interests of IT.

Sadly, like rxs said, this is more or less a showcase to cash in on all the gadget-junkies who'd rather drool at the color of the casing than take a diligent intellectual interest in the underlying technology.