Sunday, September 04, 2005

Shoot me AGAIN!

I know I will be attacked for saying this. But I just can't keep quite. As everyone knows we have a optic fiber network laid in male' by ibone: this is mainly used for cable TV now. This is also use for internet. This can also be use for a lot of other data and voice needs. Example WAN connectivity, etc.

OK! As we all know another network is coming up. Which is the government network. This was said to connect all gov offices and related places. This is good; even though they still don't have the software to be used; once the network is done; they can ping from one office to other. Which is still ok! Anyway that's a different story. What ever it is this is a good move. I hope the project will be a success; I know in terms of the network it won't be an issue. My concern is the right software solution and project management. I was told that they are gonna move to a .NET based solution and Windows based. hmmmm! It's cool too: A lot of money that is and so much security issues. If I was to have a say in this; I would say why not go for a *nix based back end. So many other governments already have. The applications should be web based; and I guess a good solution will be to go for java. Something like Tomcat maybe. Anyway those guys will know better. Also its good money to be spend; some people just love to spend.

Now here comes the best part. I was also told that the Police or the NSS, wants to install cameras all over male'. This is good ey! Eyes. I totally agree: "sulhamaslahathu" is the key word here. Anyway again! Optic fiber came in to play. Seems they are also gonna lay "YET YEN YANATHER FIBER NETWORK"! Yeah! You read right! Another fiber network. This is no surprise; for some people who know security; they have different wires and different machines for LAN and internet! LOL! I mean I just can't stop laughing when ever I talk and here about it. Security ey! I guess even NSA won't have this secure networks. It's good being paranoid. But man this is 2005! And for god sake we have things like IPSec and so many other methods of securing networks. Anyway, same excuse maybe would have come to the new fiber network for the eyes. But dudes the government is already spending money on a network. Then why? Are we having excess money here? Come on; there must be some logical explanation here! Right now it is not! By the way I wonder who's brilliant idea it is and who approved such a thing. Maybe I won't know shit about these sorts of things; but anyone with a logical thinking will agree with me that this is stupid.

I was also told by one guy in that team that they have already decided to go with JB for this project. I don't think still they have got the proposals but this is already being processed maybe. So another big money project! Good good! And yeah! I know even when I write this; the guys in Blue and Green (FM and TM) will get back at me.

Bring it on! But try to talk some sense and justify a point rather then getting personnel. Anyway I don't really give a damn now abt what they write; nothing new now. Plus I know the guys are jobless and need to be paid for articles. So I do understand them as well. But one question here is: I am publishing this under my NAME! Not some stupid Maldives or the propaganda machine's name. Which they can't. They still won't come out. If they are so confident and know they on the right path; then why not be honest and open. Tell the world who you are. Why are you hiding? Must be reasons ey? They just can't! And won't. And we all know the reasons. Anyway that's abt that.


Anonymous said...

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rxs said...

the FM and them quote you as "sofwath wanna be" .. tell us who u really are! no no.. tell them.

security for insecure minds.. reminds me of a dhivehi hard word "Hasanah heevaaney fulhahbudun higanyaa keyogadu kadaalaneehen" cos Hasanu (and his housemates) apparantly do it!