Monday, September 05, 2005

What the F**K; MySQL and SCO?

Many of you already would have this story about MySQL and the SCO partnership. Well this sure was a surprise to me and a lot of others. SCO is one hated company by a lot of open source guys. SCO have been attacked many times too by these people. So why? Why did MySQL do this? Obvious answer will be MONEY?

MySQL has been the choice of many of us for the past few years; now I wonder if this will be the same? hmmm! I guess nothing much will change, still people will use it. That's what I feel but I don't like the move. It should have stayed as it was. Maybe it's time to think about Postgres.

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primary0 said...

chops. you forgot to mention something...

yes. many websites use mysql. probably the web accounts used by "the maldivian" and "fact maldives" would also have it, but it is not being used as it should be. why would they write articles under an anonymous website eh. why not use their real names... etc.