Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Dieting season

Dieting season has start. today is the second day of the season of this year. yesterday couple of us sat in front of my apartment; watching the bikes hiss by. Man male’ sure has a lot of people compared to the land space we have; unbelievable.

Allmost everyone gets all ready for a bike ride around 5 and there is a continuous flow of guys until the magrib prayer calls. As the time closes by; you’d find some crazy guys speeding down. I guess it’s the hunger that drives. Few girls come out at this time; as it’s assumed they are busy preparing food for the final call. So it’s not much of a show to watch. People are active and this is the health time of the year. you diet all day; and at night you go for sports. Biggest difference you will notice is we don’t get people smoking out on the roads during the day (except for a few whom I know); and everyone has an excuse to be carefree and angry.


lalith said...

Make a document and write down every person u see on a bike and color if poisble number plates too ok and arrange a meeting for this. i use to do this when i was in some Doc company in my cuntry.

rxs said...

take two sleeping pills before fathis namaadhu call.. arrange for IV fluids at maghrib.. live life easy. Diet fully. forget the bikes.. forget the ppl, forget the world. close your eyes and smile into darkness.. its a darkmoon in there