Sunday, October 09, 2005

To Java or NOT to Java?

I have been grinding my brain off over a simple issues. But I wonder if it’s simple anymore. By tomorrow I need to decide on If I would say Java is my choice for corporate development or Mirco$oft dot Net. Now this is way too simple if it was a personnel choice, I would say Java. Why Java. hey! it’s cool too. Java simple is cool thats the first things. But there is a lot more then Java being a cool platform. Things I like about Java include, starting from source code for the core libraries being open. I still feel Java us a better platform then ASP when it comes to Web Services and preferred by more people. Better integration with SQL servers like Oracle in terms of things like writing of stored procedures. Java is more future proof unlike M$ stuff; example codes written in VB 6 is now old and can’t be easily ported to dot Net. When doing stuff beyond forms and windows, dot Net just can’t beat Java. Java runs on other planets, dot Net has yet to leave Terra Firma; stupid reason but it’s the fact. Good integration and support with UML tools.

I can go; but the sad part is with all these advantages; who will develop the applications in Java her in Maldives? I am finding it hard to get even developers to do simple php stuff; keep aside Java. So just wondering if I decide to make Java I guess it’s cool and good; but not practical. But lets see; to now Java is the choice.... HELP!

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Anonymous said...

i think u need to go for java coz i fyl its more powerful, of coz its not as 'drag n drop' as .net but u know its the right choice... n as far as other developers go... i think they wanna forgo time consumption... im a guy doin IT in bangalore n .net is widely used here but every1 believes java's better coz its more related to 'c'... im definitely gonna b on ur side if i am able to work under u... n of coz, im a linux guy.. so hope we myt sumday..