Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bye bye IT/IS

I guess its time. I have decided to move away from being an IT guy, as far as my job is concerned. Loads of reasons, but I think the move is good. Its anyway closely related to IT. My experience in IT and teclcoms would help me with this new job that I will be taking up (and the reason why I got it). Guess this year is a year of changes, and so far it's been good. Kinda feel paranoid about the whole thing, but I think I should move on.

The new job; if all goes well will be more exciting. I know there will be loads of new stuff to learn and experience. Plus most of all there is a lot I want to get done, and challenges to myself. To bring ideas into reality.


faraz said...

hey chops,

I'm going fishing too.

see ya when you get there..

and good luck


Simon said...

Wow...i must say're on a roll here. New life, new wife and now a new job.

Keep it up. Give yourself a pat on the back while you're at it.