Friday, March 17, 2006

Walk in the Rain

I took the 23:30 ferry to home. When I got here; it was raining. Waited for a while; for the rain to stop, then thought i'd take a walk. I should do this more often; if only I can control the rain too. Ah! I can feel that this is a good start of a good week end.

And yeah I came online and saw some of the comments on the previous post. And here is what I have to say. Baaaa! Why are you guys so interested in what I do, get over it. Sad thing is that the site has changed; I got to know the reason behind it too. I think it was good, and I liked the humor (though some ppl can't take it). Too bad its changed now. But that's how things are ; few people appreciate good stuff, and loads of people will always be there to comment and criticize. Its hard to do things then to say stuff. That's how it is, and will be. Next if and when you tell them that; the next thing you will hear from them is a bunch of "F" words. They are just different group of people and I fully understand them. "Restakpaa" :)


sublime, divine & amazing. said...

RESTECP indeed.

Anonymous said...

It had to go because of something like this:

The blog owner was afraid he was going to die yesterday afternoon.

In-law said...

I'm just warning you to keep walking in the rain but not to publish any stories based on the names mentioned or other girls,i will post a stories on you of which you will we ashamed.this is becoming disgusting.raping in laws and then moving back on to sextories based on them.who do you think you are?