Monday, March 13, 2006

One ruby a day keeps the python away

Its a sad thing, but I think ruby has done what java did to smalltalk. Python was the other side, the real world, people who took the red pill reached there. And.. In the end.. It did not matter. According to many python would have taken over the world, but there were a few small flaws that prevented it from happening. Every few years Languages are replaced with better ones. Like C was taken over by C++, and then it being taken over by Java. That's how it works. There is not one or two who compete in this race, and brains behind them. But then again I know its not the language what matters; if you know how to program language really does not matter much. This is true to some level, but if that's the case linux would have been developed with Perl or basic, instead of C. The tools you use DOES matter to some level, especially when it comes to developing enterprise solutions; where time is a factor and maintainability of code does give a fu*k.

Perl is almost gone, replaced by python and ruby. Perl was a good language, very good one to get things done fast. But a lot of the best features in Perl has been taken into python and ruby plus improved. Even as I write this I know there will be many who might disagree with me. But that's ok, Perl was very much used as a system scripting language, but now its almost replaced by python. Example the system administration scripts that come with Red Hat Linux and other flavors of Linux. Like wise I think Ruby will make its way on top of Python. I can almost see that happen now. I've used python for almost 6 months now for most of my small time scripting needs, and I loved it. I will still continue to use python. After spending some time playing with ruby I feel ruby will soon take over. Ruby seems to have originated from Japan. Ruby is a killer language of today, it has taken all the good stuff from Perl, smalltalk and languages like lisp. One of the advantages I found with ruby is that its easy to learn and its really a neat language.


Randal L. Schwartz said...

"Perl is almost gone, replaced by python and ruby."

Yeah, right. The problem is that Perl is just the workhorse. Real, real, big companies that you use every day are busy writing far more Perl code today than they did during the dot-com boom.

The problem with Perl is that it's not "sexy" enough to capture a lot of new press in the blogosphere.

Perhaps when Perl6 incorporates all the good stuff that people like about Ruby, Perl will again return to be the "sexy" new language.

primary0 said...

that is 'corporate policy' and has nothing to do with technological developments. indeed it would take years for ruby to get that far, but that does not disprove its capabilities. so keeping that aside, this should be about directly comparing ruby to perl/python as languages and to evaluate it against things like the time it takes from design to implementation.

Anonymous said...

Corporate policy is to have sex with the typing pool (which has evolved into programmers but is necessarily the same thing.)

The camel may not be a sexy animal (maybe for Arabs it is), but it will endure like the deserts it trods wearily yet persistently.