Saturday, August 26, 2006


Some people talk big. Hide behind crowds and shout. Use anonymous names and publish web sites and articles. We have seen all this. Hardly you will find people who will come up with their names and say stuff out. Maybe they are scared, and they have good reasons. Why? cos if you do, there will be a team of people who will attack you back. Anyway this is not new at all. For the past few years we have been witnessing this show for a while.

now the country is divided into two or three, politically. Some choose one party , since they hate some individuals or had enough of someone. For others they choose a party since they think its the best choice for the nation. There are also people who choose a party cos that is their life line. If you go against a party or choose not to support them, then you won't have a car to ride or the rest of the luxuries they have been so used to. For others its an opportunity to go to these heights. There is also people who choose a party cos of religious reasons. What ever it is, truth is its all divided. Does not matter for what reason you choose a certain party. Its our freedom to choose and decide. No one can force it on us or we should be picked upon for it.

right now the issues is what system we should select. Do we go with the presidential system or the parliamentary system. My view is and I support the presidential system. Why? I feel that is the best system for us right now. Just cos its been practiced in UK or else where does not mean we should go with that. When we select or vote it should be decided on what is best for our country and our children for the future. Now is not the time to fight or try to see which party is best, or who will win or loose. Its a matter of what is right and good. Its not about being political but about deciding our future. When you make a choice or stand up for what you think is right, does not mean you are being political. Anyway, no need to drag that talk.

idhikeeli is a blog run by a few individuals, who are just like you and me and most of us. They don't have a party to defend, or get paid by some people for what they write. Even they are not trying to over throw some other party, or defend their regime. I got a call today from a friend of mine, he called to let me know that he has emailed me the URL of the blog. I thought I could help him/them/us to spread the words. So if you get time too its worth a visit. Now I know we all have different views, I am just standing by mine. At the same time I guess we should fully respect others views as well.

the URL of the blog is


Anonymous said...

I respect your view my friend, but what you are saying can be placed in the mentality as when all these people used to say that we are not ready for party system.Which obviously proved many people wrong.

Hakeem said...

Currenty its the world of PARTEY's we live in so perheps anything else is better.

Anonymous said...

It's hard not to feel that 'Idhikeeli' is sympathetic with, if not supporting, the "opposition" to the government when they have links to "opposition" websites, which would fall into the category of what 'Idhikeeli' says 'propaganda' (or worse hate) websites.

Anonymous said...

Everybody has opinions n so do these guys. But by the look of things it seems they support the present government.

Anonymous said...

it's shame!.. ppl who do not hav courage to say what they really wants. "idhikeeli" would be anti-maumaumoon but they r scared to say wat they want.... we say "dhefuh keheri dhivehi rundin" for this kinds of blogs. :P