Monday, August 07, 2006

USA and world domination!

We are living in a time where after the world war II, the USA has been trying to take over the world. The US uses lame excuses to invade nations and kill innocent people (all acts of self defense). If another nation does anything in self defense its is always considered to be acts of terror. The exception being that nation is a nation like Israel. This has been going on ever since US has come to power. Any voice who stands up against them is always considered to be terrorists. This has lead the world to what it is now. All thanks to the US. I need not go into any details. Guess this has been kinda same through out the history. From the Roman days to the British and German. Now the Americans.

I guess its time for the Americans to think and re think. If they continue like this, it is them who might have to suffer all the losses. No matter how much they try simple things just might lead them to destruction. My fear is them dragging the rest of the world too to this hell. War is not the answer. Killing people is not the answer. How can they declare them as right, after killing innocent children. There is no way anyone can be innocent after killing innocent people for what ever the cause is. What is happening to the Arab world is partly there own fault too. We can't only blame the Israel and USA for what is going on in the middle east. If the Arabs where united and talked the same language and did not back stab each other this day would not have come.

My guess is one reason this war is being dragged is the USA is looking for a way to get Iran involved in the war. If they do, then this will take the war to the next level. First the USA invaded Iraq with "lame" and stupid excuses. Now its Iran's time. It was not long back, when the US invaded Iraq saying they had WMD's and were a threat to the USA. This was on CNN and every where. This is what "G W Bush" SAID. When they could not find anything even close, the story line changed. It was liberation of the the Iraqi people. hmmmm! Nice joke. So this is how the world is run today. We just have to live with this and wait. Lets see where this leads us.


jaa said...

good analysis. killin and war isnt the answer but that is exactly how the humans have lived through the million years of its existance - just as any other animal. these sort of violence and more importantly the subjugation, is all part of the evolutionary cycle innit? survival of the fittest? while we all, as individuals, possess the capacity to rise to status as that of any US individual, the non-US populace of the world is too weak as a people to reject the typranny of a mightier power. my 2 cents... cheers.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how maldivians are obsessed with USA as the tyrannical superpower. Certainly USA is responsible for some bad deeds. So are many other countries and peoples. But the Maldivian obsession with the Jews and Americans as villians blinds them to many good things about the USA.
Gayoom, Zahir Hussein, fathulla and Co. have spread their propaganda so well that only a rare few maldivians are free today from amrika/jew hatred.