Sunday, August 05, 2007

4th August 2007

My conclusion from the event on 4th August 2007 is simply 'NO hope'. I waited there for long with a friend; after the end of the saga. I talked to a lot of people there; friends and just fellow country men. I realized that only about 5% of the people I talked to cared about what system we will have in Maldives. I feel this is mainly because they do not have the information on the effects such a system will have on them and the future of their children.

Everyone knew the names of the 'Nizaams' (Systems). Most very strongly knew the system they were standing up for. The no.1 reason on both sides was the party which the individual supports; supports a particular system or just standing up against the system which the other party supports. Some has very clearly stated this. I can fully understand their arguments on one aspect but I wonder; if they are really doing the right thing? We can't really blame the individuals on these views. We have not had a very good or any kinda proper political system to date and people are not aware of these or educated on these issues. Every one talks political; go to a caffe or even inside homes; people talk about the injustice, corruptions and other issues; but hardly people talk about what we need as far as a positive change is concerned. The solution I feel is not electing a particular party; or over throwing another. I agree it matters to certain level; but there are other more important priorities first; like implementing a system; which reduces corruption, dictatorship and what will more likely work in Maldives where people will have a better life as humans.

The planned debate ended up in a big drama; after the end there was more drama. Conclusions where being made same old words were being said; people where enjoying the drama. It was a sad thing to see; I felt bad to know that most people did not care at all. Back early 1990's the biggest entertainment was a show held very often in male' called 'galaxy' now the name of the show is changed to 'politics'. Point being for most this is just a pass time and a matter of entertainment for the rest its about power and 'my group'.

To conclude; I simply felt there is no good future politically for Maldives in a near future. Things will remain very much the same or will get worse; I know most will stand up against me on this statement but this is my view. My biggest fear is the 2008 elections; I don't want to see blood shed or a civil flights. It will be our brothers and sisters who will loose I know some are looking forward to this drama; but I don't support it. I am totally against this, but I know this might be inevitable.


autodynamix said...

yea you might be right in saying the political scene in the Maldives is going to be messed up in the coming future. the way people think in this country has changed and it is going to take some time to change that.

but i want to believe that you are wrong in the part where you said "NO hope". I really dont want want to see the downfall of this country. Maybe someday things would get better and people in this country would live happily.... maybe.

chopey said...

nice to know u feel that way and have hope. Anyway I thought I'd share some emails exchanged between mdp and myself regarding the system that we will be voting for.

RE: inquiry
From: secretariat mdp (
Mon 8/06/07 4:40 AM
'Sofwath Mohamed' (

Dear Sofwath (are you a member?)

Thank you for your extremely well articulated observations. You also base your observations on assumptions which are quite acceptable from a qualitative viewpoint. It is also apparent you are well versed with doing your own research. This is a peoples vote and we as a political party is also taking a stand on this issue. I feel you have the capacity to make your own case in line with the spirit of this public referendum.

Thank you

Hamid Abdul Ghafoor

From: Sofwath Mohamed []
Sent: Sunday, August 05, 2007 11:56 PM
To: secretariat mdp
Subject: RE: inquiry

Dear Secretary General,

I understand this is a busy time for you. I am writing to you with regards to the same question that was raised by me. Last time you suggested that I attend the 4th Aug debate. I did and it ended up in a drama without my questions being answered. I have seen documents published by different media written by high level officials of MDP supporting the presidential system until late 2006. Some of these documents are even titled "Why a presidential system is best for Maldives".

I understand there might be change of policy with good evaluation and based on different political situations; however during the past 2 years there have not been any such MAJOR change to the current political environment of Maldives, of which I am aware of. My main question and concern is we have bee defending and standing up for a presidential system; and today we are talking of parlimentary system of governance. Will this change to communism in 2010? And the same party will go on public TV and talk against a parliamentary system and the advantages of COMMUNISM? Communism too has its advantages theoretically. I think we as the public need an explanation from you as well as DRP. Even Mr. Maumoon has done the same; not just MDP. Mr. Maumoon has expressed that he supports a system where there will be a president and a PM, during this reform speech (clearly stating that he supports a parlimentary system). He too have changed his stand. The question now again is what is the difference between him and what MDP stands for; if there is no consistency in such matters?

Also I was watching TV tonight when MDP talked pro on the so called 'barulamaanee' system. I thank MDP for doing so, going public with the view of MDP and trying to explain the advantages to the people and educating us. I was very happy to hear that in a parliamentary system there is separation of powers, it was said by Mr. Faiz. I instantly went on the internet to do some research on this. However I was not able to find any strong supporting documents for this point. I've checked with even Wikipedia and UNDP documents. None of it says a full parliamentary system supports such a separation of powers infect it says otherwise, having said that there are semi parliamentary systems and hybrid systems which has some level of separation of powers. I would really appreciate if, MDP can direct me into such documents supporting this argument. Also I have noted that Mr. Naseem said that currently we have a presidential system and it has failed. I agree the current system has failed for the peoples benefit. However again I would strongly voice out that to say on public TV that we have a presidential system is misleading information. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I hope you will answer these questions when you get the time; I would assure you that this is for a good cause. I would personally do my best to communicate to the people whom I can reach if these questions are logically answered by you. I feel presently not only me, but a lot of people have the same questions.

Thank you

Best regards

Sofwath (just another Maldivian)

Subject: RE: inquiry
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 09:49:30 +0500

Dear Sofwath

I hope the Haveeru debate scheduled for Sat 4 August 2007, 9.00pm at Rannabandeyri Maalam will clarify these issues for you.

Hamid Abdul Ghafoor

Secretary General

From: Sofwath Mohamed []
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007 11:13 PM
Subject: inquiry

Dear Secretariat of MDP

I have always supported the cause of MDP as far as a good democracy is concerned in the Maldives. We have always liked and supported what MDP stood up for since the start of the party as just a movement. Which was separation of the 3 powers and having a limited term for the chief executive of the government. These were major tag lines used when MDP won over the people of Maldives. These were the fundamentals that MDP once stood for and people went to jail for. These were the reasons and the hopes for which we stood by MDP.

What has happened today? Why the sudden change of tunes? I am sure there must be a good and valid reason for this stand. I am not sure of the objectives which MDP has now for supporting a parlimentary system; where just one party, be it MDP or DRP or the rest will have the total control. I don't see logically and realistically much will change from the current system if we go for a parlimentary system. I maybe not aware of the reasons why MDP is standing by this new system. I would appreciate if you would come forward and explain to the public about why MDP decided to change its policies.

I fear that by going to a parlimentary system; if a party like DRP wins the elections we will be doomed. People of the business society will rule over us. Till today the parliament seats have been bought over by business men in the country; and I don't think it will change any time sooner. In the system you proposed us; there is highly likely that people like Mr. Lolly Jaabir, Mr. Shiyam of Sun Travel and alike might be the cabinet ministers. I don't think these people are capable of leading our nation though they maybe running a successful business in the Maldives. Presently we are witnessing such people in the cabinet and in the parliment and we are suffering. I don't want this suffering to continue; our generation has suffered enough due to some irresponsible choices made by our fathers, uncles and grand fathers. I don't feel our children should suffer the same consequences.

Hope my concerns will be heard or read by you and hopefully if you have time, give me an answer too. However I am strongly thank MDP for the changes that have come to Maldives today; I trust it is the hard work of a lot of individuals. I hope these individuals will always continue to support the country for the best interest of the people and won't loose the trust over the people whom they think are the heroes of this nation at this point of time. Please don't make such a move that will destroy our future just for the 'hate' that we have for a dictator .

Thank you



Dragonfly said...

Used to write cheques under him before entering CHSE, corrupted like the majority of the people in MDP.
Expecting anything deep or genuine from him is like expecting Maumoon to dissapear in a jiffy.