Friday, August 03, 2007

First the people, then Maumoon. Please!

We all know that MDP has been having a major fight against Maumoon since it was formed. This has lead to some very good reforms. I use to think the flight was for the people. The talks was so; and some of the action too. We all have to admit the fact that the change we see today; should mostly be credited to MDP and the individuals who supported this change.

Today; I am very disappointed on MDP. For the current referendum where we get the chance to decide which system is best; it looks like MDP is not putting its priorities for what is best for people. Rather it seems MDP is trying to test its popularity among the people by supporting against Maumoon. Not considering what is right and wrong. I feel this should not be the case. The people are mislead now, by the actions of MDP. Most of us has trusted MDP for this change and will continue to, but when they are wrong it is also our responsibility to voice out our concerns. It should not be 'eylhi haa batha kah riha' be it Maumoon or even MDP.

MDP has voiced comments like "because Gayoom is supporting Presidential System"; when asked why they are supporting a parliamentarian system. I feel this should not be the reason. Also there is comments by some of MDP supporters like "if qayoom and his supporters loose it shows that MDP is stronger than all 3 parties put together..". This is not an election, its a vote we decide on the system we will be adopting. I think the vote for who will get be the president or for the parliament is yet to come , but this is not that time now. Other such comments by supporters been things like "THIS REFERENDUM is the only FORECAST for us on the 2008 elections. if we want this dictator to be overthrown we need to make sure that the barulamaanee (MDP) wins."

So I guess we need to understand that this is not the time for elections or a test vote. This is more serious then that; and more important. The leaders will fall; the people will die off soon, but the system that we decide on is highly like to stay for a long time. So which is most important; fight against Maumoon or to support which is good for the future of the people? Is it your own personal choice; mine is very clear, in this vote; I will stand up for which system is best for the people of the Maldives, regardless of what system Maumoon or MDP supports. This is not about them at all.


nass said...

yeah. it's disappointing.

i downloaded recordings of some of MDP meetings from their site n listened. they are goin for Barulamaanee coz Maumoon says Riyaasese. Just coz of that. If maumoon said Barulamaanee, then they'll say Riyaasee.

that's not how it should be. we should not only be thinking about ousting gayoom, but for the future as well.

(p.s. i dont support any political parties)

cant said...

I think you can try to put it in broader perspective:

1) If we know for sure either of these systems is going to be disastrous, there should not be a referendum to choose between them.

2) Experiece shows both systems have worked, and both systems have failed, due to many factors.

3) There is no cogently defended case based on serious study in the Maldives that either of the systems has a clear advantage over the other.

4)Parliamentary system has been strongly defended elsewhere, for instance by foreign scholars in the field.

4) Yet, any system may work.

5) But if so, is there any other reason why someone would choose one system over the other? MDP may think if they win this will be a moral victory over the government, and probably a strong incentive for president Gayoom to resign since this, willy nilly, is seen as a referendum between the DRP (government) and the MDP.

6) Therefore, choose parliamentary system.

Now does that reasoning make sense?

chopey said...

agreed. my point is both parties have not been consistent on the system they support. When first the reform was announced by Mumoon he clearly supported a parliamentary system; high lighting the fact that there will be a president and a PM. Since then MDP has been standing up for presidential system. Till like 2006 is top officials of MDP has gone public and written articles on magazines on black and white supporting and standing up for a presidential system.

I agree with time you need to evaluate and reevaluate and decide. But our political drama did not change to much; to make such decisions. It has stayed very much consistent. So why the sudden change of view. Until last year we felt that a presidential system was the best; what was or were these changes or events that has got us to realize that we need to change to a parlimentary system? Besides the fact that the opposition party decided to change their stands?

I know in theory you can say all the above points; but have we taken this change considering the practical factors? Besides the rivalry?

I don't think any parties care more about the system here then coming to power.

chopey said...

I was just wating TVM here MDP was explaining the advantages of Barulamaanee. Faiz says there is separation of powers in barulamaanee. I did even look up on the net; hardly found any good points supporting this statement. but I found things like "In parliamentary systems, a separation of powers is either unclear or even nearly non-existent"; I respect him; I think wikipedia must be wrong. Next Nafaa naseem says ; we are having a presidential system now. I did not know that. I did not know we had separation of powers and the rest of the advantages of a presidential system. Any tom dick and harry should know that we don't have a parliamentary or a presidential system now in Maldives. I believe I did not know that we have a presidential system now; again he must be right. He also said the presidential system we have "now" has failed. I strongly agree to that; the "system we have now" has failed; we do not support it. He also said we should go for changes; he gave the example of London GCE O'L; he said something like before we use to do it; now we changed to GCSE; and its better. WOW! Nice example; this is a contavasal point, even some teachers feel the new syllabus is to easy and is selected cos we will get more students with better results; since its easy; thus making the parents happy, not that its good or has a higher level of quality. Again he must have done his research and I trust him. In this talk there was no point raised; why MDP supported 'Riyaasee' system before the same ppl thought it was better for years. So the question is can they or will they say communism is better after lets say 2010. Its very possible; I won't be surprised. They will again come on TV and will say how bad a system is the 'barulamaanee' . I guess this is what politics is, so no complains. Thank you MDP for the information; it was very informative.

Squid said...

i believe barulamaanee is the way to go if we really want to create another dictatorship regime, coz i feel thats what its all going to be, where the constitution does not state a presidential term in the barulamaanee nizaaam.

we call about seperation of powers!! MDP fights day in day out at the Parliament to remove the presidents appointed ministers and the other members. Do they know that in the Presidential system these poeple cannot hold 2 jobs, i.e a government minister cannot sit in the Parliament ??? while in Barulamaanee Nizaam they can!!! so i see MDP contradicting themselves over everything they say they stand for ... so my stand on which nizaam i want to vote for is very clear to me!