Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mobile 2.0

We all have been living through the web 2.0 for a while (even though different people define web 2.0 in different ways). Now the focus is on the mobiles. Web 2.0 for me has brought about a major change; which for me is the ability to develop applications to the web very much like the conventional applications. Its not just one technology which have enabled the change; but a convergence of many.

At a time when the dot com boom has ended and still many companies seek to become the next youtube and google; the focus is slowly changing. For every internet connection in the world; there is ten or more mobile phones. Obviously there are more mobile users and we are already starting to realize this and trying to bring the same technology on the web to the mobile. Mobile 2.0 is more then accessing internet with broadband speeds and better browsers. For me mobile 2.0 is much more then that.

Furthermore at a time when operators are looking into more ways of increasing the ARPU and mobile value added service providers are coming up with more services there is an increasing competition in this arena. Obviously the charges on basic voice is dropping and might even become totally free; the focus is on data. with the introduction of services like HSDPA access to high speed data will soon become a reality to a lot people world wide.

Past year or so I have been very much involved in mobile VAS arena, and I have met a lot of service providers and from what I can tell; there is going to be a lot of new exciting things which is on the way. Soon we are about to experience a convergence and offering multimedia specialties on the mobile in a way which we never would have thought of. The introduction of devices such as apple iPhones is strong indication to the road ahead.

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