Saturday, June 07, 2008


I remember the comments 'Bulhaa vakiahlhaa fa' (ބުޅާ ވަކިއަޅާފަ) when referring to my hand writing in dhivehi/thaana. Back then I just thought well what the hack, I just can't improve on it and I never even tried.

Well; what the hack. The script we see today is not original anyway. It was a form of script which has been adopted by us to become more 'Abaric' like. I don't know for what reason. Thaana as we all know came after Gabulhi Thaana and before that we had Dhives Akuru. Dhives Akuru looked something very close to Sinhala or Indic letters. Or maybe the origins were Tamil.

Anyway Thaana was another one of the moves; where we the Maldivians wanted to become more holy and related to Arabia. Well, that's just my view. So I wonder if the transformation is complete now?.

The missing links are being forgotten and no one dares to find out or take alternative thinking. Scared to become outcasts of this society maybe. The truth about who we are and where we come from is lost like the letter 'Naviyani'.

Ok, Soadhube (ސޯދުބެ) now you can shoot me! :)


Anonymous said...

OK first of all, i dont know why u have given 'Naviyani' as a title to your post.

Yea! Dhivehi Akuru is linked to some other scripts. Both Arabic [ not to arabic letters but to Arabic numbers ] and Sinhalese. So what? Its original in its current content right? I dont know any language that is original as to you. and, I dont think the sounds we make using Dhivehi can me made using English, Arabic, or even Sinhalese.

chopey said...
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