Wednesday, September 17, 2008

iPhone 3G speed tests

Below are the average speed test results for a few countries using iPhone 3G (source is

Finland (355.54 kbps)
France (480.51 kbps)
Great Britain (1072.3 kbps)
Hong Kong (653.97 kbps)
Italy (723.71 kbps)
India (343.25 kbps)
Spain (612.02 kbps)
United States (795.77 kbps)

I tested here in Male' and got the following result..

According to which our current speed is at 704 kbps. Which is in comparison very good.


nashydhu said...

so when are we getting iPhones ...???
were you able to negociate a deal with apple ...???
are we to switch to wataniya ...???

cyaddeyyy said...

tht is very good then !