Saturday, September 20, 2008

iPhone or Android?

I guess this will be a choice we have to make soon. With Google leading the Android platform, Google has teamed up with 34 companies (including Motorola, HTC, T-Mobile and chipmaker Qualcomm) under what’s been dubbed the Open Handset Alliance to manufacture a number of different phones that will run the Android operating system.

Maybe the Apple iPhone still lacks a lot of "normal mobile phone" features but that did not stop the iPhone. The user interface is one of the plus points of the iPhone, with the new iPhone 3G it's one of the best hand held internet devices. These are somethings that the Android would need to be good at. I guess the biggest advantage for the Android based phones is the openness. The Android software stack is expected to provide handset makers and wireless operators an open platform they can use to develop innovative applications. One other factor will be the looks. Presently the iPhone has just one look, however the Android based phones are expected to have different looks from different vendors.

I personally don't feel that Google will be able to hype the Android platform has much as Apple did with the iPhones. The Android based phones will take time to be accepted in the market and it will speak for itself.

The way I see it end of the day, it's more a competition to the Windows mobiles then the iPhones. So lets see ...

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