Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vote Market

No matter how many statements or interviews are given, we cannot disagree to the fact that presently there exists a vote market in Maldives. Trading have started and I am not sure about the current market value. I have been told by many that "Business is good". Many are involved in the trade, many making investments too.

No matter how clean you would want to make it; it simply won't. The reality is politics is dirty and money is part of it. Who wins at the end of the day is totally a different story.

Should we stand up against this? if so against who?. The buyer or the seller?. There is no way to stop this. There can be many methods involved, direct money is one of them. Asking for returns on what people did for others is another (by financial means and others), etc.

There is nothing wrong with it; logically you are selling your votes anyway. To whom ever you feel will give you the best deal. Maybe someone who would give you and your kids a better future, security, etc. As a candidate you need to "buy"/win the trust of the people. Maybe this is the right approach but how many Maldivians will consider those factors?. I am not sure, I have no answer.

Only thing I know is that the biggest benefit out of such a democratic system goes to the business community. To narrow it down; to the Maldivian business companies and individuals who are backing the candidates. Some may want to strongly come out and justify this; but I don't care. My view is simple. We don't have many candidates out there who can "fix" even 20% of the wrong and suffering here. Everyone (most) have some "hope(s)" alone.

I too like many, would also have to conclude with the common and general statement which is "Insha Allah, Insha Allah"...

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M said...

I will be able to sell my vote for Rf 1 million, insha allah. :)