Monday, October 27, 2008

Same words ; "Vote for Change"

If expressing how you feel is being political, then most of today have become political. However that's not how I see it today. Most of us are standing up for our future and against the injustice and corruption. There are also others who try to compare people and maybe judging the judgment that we are making. Again I believe if there is anything to compare it comes down to two things. Not two people.

1. A 30 years old Dictatorship
2. A Change

I'd go with the last option. It's in no way a vote given to Anni. It's a vote given for "Change" and saying "NO" to the injustice and corruption. In my view if I vote for Maumoon I would be endorsing the brutal 30 years and the corruption that has happened over the 30 years. If I say yes to him, I would be ripping off the future of so many of us, and part of those who have lost it. Those friends of mine who have lost their lives, those who have suffered in jail and by the injustice of the present system. I would not do that, and I hope none of us would.

Voting for Maumoon, or not standing up against him means that you approve of him. Approve of all the wrong and sufferings that we have gone through. Approve of the present situation that we live in. It cannot get any more logical than that. I don't see it any other way. I've seen tears in peoples eyes, I've seen people suffer, I've heard of the sorrowful tales of torture. I've seen how a others live, and have an idea where we could have been.

This fight will go on. It won't stop today or tomorrow. Vote for Change!

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Faisal said...

no person with a clear conscience would vote for Maumoon